ValueTrace helps companies understand the software they buy

Drive value and save excess cost using ValueTrace software to track SaaS adoption, allocate licenses, manage renewals, and forecast spend

Examine how your organization uses the
software that you buy

See which solutions are heavily used, and
which are sitting in a corner collecting
'virtual dust' while you continue paying

Run experiments to see whether new software tools will improve existing workflows  

You believe a new software tool will help your employees do their jobs better; run experiments with ValueTrace Test to see if you are correct

Allocate licenses, manage renewals, negotiate contracts, and forecast spend... all from a single hub

Leverage our third-party integrations to seamlessly consolidate all of your software spend related workflows into the ValueTrace Admin Panel

Benchmark software spend strategy against peers, and understand trends in your data

Why do we use two CRM tools? Do we spend too much on HR software? How about on AWS?
Answer the hard questions with ValueTrace Analyze

 Our Solution